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Celebrant costs:
  • More than your cake.
  • Less than the flowers.
  • More than the limo.
  • Less than the photographer

Generally my costs are highly competitive starting at $440 for an indoor or outdoor wedding..  In some cases of need I have even performed ceremonies for less. Depending on wedding locations where travel is involved obviously that will need to be considered. After your civil wedding ceremony unlike many Celebrants, I am also available to M.C. your wedding with costs for ceremony and MC'ing from $850 for five hours.

As you plan for your Wedding Day there are many costs involved even for the most simple celebration.  The cost for the celebrant in many ways is the smallest outlay because an authorised Australian Marriage Celebrant has the authority by law to legally perform your wedding. You can do without many things on your wedding day, but you can't do without a Celebrant. Without the Celebrant your day is just a party, even if a really good one!

Each celebrant sets their own fees so you will need to discuss this with your celebrant.  

Questions to ask:

  1. Availability on the day?
  2. Is the Celebrant authorised by the Australian Government to celebrate your wedding?
  3. Is she/he a member of any celebrant associations or federations?
  4. What is included in their services?
  5. Will your wishes be respected and can a Celebrant reflect those wishes through the style and performance of the ceremony?
  6. Will she/he offer ideas and support to assist you with the writing of your ceremony and preparation for the wedding day?
  7. You can get a cheap ceremony at The Victorian Marriage Registry, part of Births, Deaths and Marriages office Spring Street Melbourne, but this will be a standard ceremony rather than one modified to suit you and your partner. The Registry charges $390 for up 8 guests on Friday to Sunday or $420 for up to 55 guests.  
  8. The Registry won't come to you to discuss your wedding, but I will!  Celebrants have to pay for their own office equipment, stationery, wages, compulsory celebrant training and other sundry expenses. 

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